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top reasons why khloe and lamar will divorce

Over the past couple of months, the media was flooded with rumors and gossip about the break-up between the well-known TV celebrity Khloe Kardashian and the American professional basketball player Lamar Odom. Allegedly, there are two reasons why a divorce seems imminent for the two celebrities: the first one is that Khloe is convinced that Lamar has cheated on her with two women, and the second one is that Lamar has allegedly abused hard drugs and that he has a crack and cocaine addiction.

Despite the fact that a divorce is certainly not excluded, Khloe Kardashian seems puzzled at the moment as she still loves Lamar and she does not want to divorce. However, she is visibly affected by the cheating allegations that have surfaced lately. The two of them have been married since September 2009, and they tied the knot one month after they met. As various sources claim, Lamar has been using hard drugs for several months and that has dramatically impacted his relationship with Khloe.

At the time being, a break up would wreak havoc on Lamar’s finances, as Khloe Kardashian would be entitled not only to prenup money but also to a substantial penalty for her husband’s infidelity, if it turns out that Lamar was indeed unfaithful to his wife. The prenup has a special clause that would certainly motivate any spouse not to cheat, given the fact that the cheater would have to pay allowances, spousal support as well as half a million dollars for every year the two were married. In case of divorce, the couple will split every common good, such as their cars or any other expensive gifts.

Now, Lamar is reported to have already separated from Khloe Kardashian given the reasons mentioned above. Despite the fact that the hard drug allegations are shocking, they may be true given Lamar’s family history, as it is known that his father Joe Odom was a heroin addict.

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